How Hawk Begins a New Year

The Squirrel New Year festivities were suspended with an alarm call… annoying Hawk who had just arrived… for a quick dip in the only Hawk-sized birdbath around

How to Holiday Morning

Yesterday, Wren was up at the crack of dawn… but Squirrel’s bed was way too cozy to leave that early (click for video)

Elbow Ears

It is one of those freezing nights when my dogs want no part of stepping outside unless I go with them. Standing in the backyard waiting for them, I am struck by the silence. There is no rustling under the trees, no frogs or crickets calling, and definitely no katydid songs. Since there were no…

Morning Joe

A little over a week ago, my peaceful morning routine was completely shattered. There was no Joe. I didn’t even know Joe was such an important part of my morning until I stepped out my back door and he wasn’t there. I first noticed him one warm day in June. Every morning since then- he’s…