How Hawk Begins a New Year

The Squirrel New Year festivities were suspended with an alarm call… annoying Hawk who had just arrived… for a quick dip in the only Hawk-sized birdbath around

House Hunting

The Squirrel family chose somewhere else to sleep last night… so Owl stopped by to see what they’ve done with the place… but prefers a place with a bit more privacy😄

How to Holiday Morning

Yesterday, Wren was up at the crack of dawn… but Squirrel’s bed was way too cozy to leave that early (click for video)

Spiderlings Everywhere

After a couple of really cold days… then some really warm ones… Suddenly- there were spiderlings everywhere. I thought they would hang out in their cozy little egg sacs until spring, but they had other ideas. I first noticed the ones on the front porch. I wasn’t sure if they were moving because they were…