This morning I stepped out on the screened porch to check on the monarch pupae that are hanging out there. We make sure to leave most of the caterpillars in our yard alone- but this year we raised a few. It is really hard not to pick up a caterpillar that is lumbering around right where we walk, or one with an anchor bug eyeing it. They’ve pupated and were all still bright green except this one:


It looked so close to emerging that I sat on the floor and waited. I’ve always wondered exactly how they are crammed into that thin case. I could see part of the wing, but where was everything else? Where were her eyes? Was she watching me?


Turns out the head is in that pointed bit on the bottom and the abdomen is at the top.  I took a few pictures as she stretched her wings.

Later, when her wings were dry- I gently scooped her up, carried her out, and watched as she flew over the house.




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