So Much Water

Florence blew through our yard without causing too much trouble. She tossed some limbs around and created this handy beagle ramp over our back fence.


A short power outage and many inches of rain later- she has finally left us. Buddy is very content with his current situation and does not seem to be plotting any fence scaling.


Today I am thinking of all the random containers of water I filled. We have water stashed everywhere- buckets and buckets of it. Even our mixing bowl is full of water (the hat and sunglasses are courtesy of my son). When we lose power, so does the well pump… so I might have been a little panicky over our possible water situation.


Caterpillar life went on in spite of the harsh weather.

Virginia Tiger Moth caterpillar Spilosoma virginica
Monarch caterpillar Danaus plexippus and Swamp Milkweed Leaf Beetle larva Labidomera clivicollis
Monarch caterpillar Danaus plexippus preparing to pupate
Monarch pupa Danaus plexippus attached to the outside of greenhouse

As did spider life. They built strong webs and ate extra before the storm.

Spotted Forest Orbweaver Neoscona domiciliorum
Yellow Garden Spider Argiope aurantia eating a Katydid

And are still here after.


Spotted Forest Orbweaver Neoscona domiciliorum (She thinks I don’t see her behind a bit of pine needle and webbing)
Yellow Garden Spider Argiope aurantia

The bees did not leave their hive for a full day. On the second day, they poked their heads out and headed right back in!

Apis mellifera

We left their favorite floats in the pool. The pool noodles blew out- but the boogie board stayed. Today, they are enjoying a human-free pool resort.

Apis mellifera

In spite of some enthusiastic storm singing, this guy is still alone. He was hopeful that all that rain might wash in a female friend. Not to worry, there will be more storms. I may just wait to dump out all of that water.

Green Frog Lithobates clamitans








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